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About Us

Based in Jefferson City, Brent Hemphill & Associates, Inc. provides lobbying and consulting services for clients with small business interests as well as large corporate concerns. As the needs and agendas of our clients vary, so do the services we provide. We help clients in developing legislative goals and create strategies to accomplish those goals. With extensive governmental experience and knowledge, we can provide assistance in drafting legislation and guiding that legislation through the labyrinth of committee hearings and floor debates.

We know where our clients stand with various legislators, and we know where and how to advance our clients’ issues. We also monitor bills that would negatively impact our clients and work to defeat such legislation. Not only are we a constant presence in the Capitol but we also are in constant contact with our clients.

Our experience and knowledge also extend to the executive branch. We have developed productive working relationships with the governor and his staff, and with state agency executives and policy directors. Our access to leaders of the executive branch enables us to work for their support in passing and administering key legislation.

Clients also benefit from our experience in developing strategies for grassroots campaigns. We have been successfully involved in numerous statewide and national legislative issues ranging from trade polices to initiative petition campaigns.

Located just one-and-a-half blocks from the Missouri State Capitol Building in Jefferson City, Brent Hemphill & Associates is ideally positioned, by location and experience, to deal with all government issues. Additionally, when our clients need to be in Jefferson City, we provide them with office space and the convenient use of our executive office conference room which has been equipped with the latest media/wifi equipment. Whether lobbying in the Capitol or managing state and federal grassroots campaigns, the Hemphill team is effective in influencing government actions in Missouri.

Our Team

Company founder Brent Hemphill brings nearly 30 years of experience in politics and government to his clients. He first became active in Missouri government in the early 1990’s working for the Missouri Attorney General’s Office followed by the Missouri State Senate. In 2001, Hemphill started his own governmental relations and lobbying firm, Brent Hemphill & Associates. Hemphill works closely with legislators, statewide elected officials, state departments and agency executives.

A simple core philosophy has guided Brent and his work with clients: “Work until the job is done.” It’s a work ethic ingrained in Brent growing up on his family farm. That work ethic continues today whether developing client strategies or working the halls of the Capitol. Brent relishes the challenge of formulating ideas into legislation and takes pride in seeing his clients’ priorities passed into law. He is widely known for his 27 years of lobbying experience, expertise, and integrity in shaping issues to achieve the results desired by his clients. Hemphill holds a Bachelor of Science from Kansas State University and resides in Jefferson City with his wife and family.

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Brent Hemphill

Meagan Howerton joined Brent Hemphill & Associates in October of 2023. Prior to joining BHA, Meagan served as an educator for four years in the Jefferson City and Kansas City public schools. She attended the University of Central Missouri where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Although Meagan is new to the world of governmental relations and lobbying, she is excited for the opportunity to be a part of BHA. As a former teacher, she brings in valuable skills such as effective communication, research abilities, and an incredible work ethic. She currently resides in Jefferson City.

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Meagan Howerton

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