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Brent Hemphill


Brent Hemphill

Company founder Brent Hemphill has been involved in state government for over 16 years. A simple core philosophy has guided Brent and his work with clients: “Work until the job is done.” It’s a work ethic ingrained in Brent growing up on his family farm. That work ethic continues today whether developing client strategies or working the halls of the Capitol. Brent relishes the challenge of formulating ideas into legislation and takes pride in seeing his clients’ priorities passed into law.

In addition to his experience as a governmental consultant and lobbyist, Brent has worked for the Missouri Attorney General’s office and the Missouri General Assembly. Brent’s success as a lobbyist and consultant reflects his experience and upbringing. From the beginning, the keys to Brent’s success are planning, hard work and dedication. Brent’s e-mail address is brent@brenthemphill.com


Sarah Juergensmeyer

Sarah joined Brent Hemphill & Associates in December 2016. Like Brent, Sarah grew up on a family farm and a good work ethic was established at a young age.

Sarah earned a Bachelor degree in 2011 and has since worked for state government. Her experience includes grants management and tax credit management. Her most recent experience includes fiscal note preparation for legislation submitted by the General Assembly. Sarah’s e-mail address is sarah@brenthemphill.com